Past three months in a nutshell

My past three months has been pretty eventful. Just to summarize some of them

  1. Got a bad sprain in right leg playing soccer
  2. Purchased a Motorcycle – Suzuki GS500E – third hand, and cheap.
  3. Motorcycle gives/gave lots of problems – Oil leak from oil filter, oil leak for right side crank case, dried out battery, carburettor problems. I have been able to fix the all but the last which I plan to do in coming weeks
  4. Broke my right wrist. Fell off from a bicycle.
  5. Brought a camera (finally after an year of thought input) along with dubey. Both of us got Canon 30D, kit lens, 50mm prime, and other tit bits
  6. Got to go to CVPR – one of the prime conference in Computer Vision. I was a volunteer there for first two days. Twas held in Minneapolis.
  7. Got internship in google. Started June 26th, the same date as my mom’s birthdate.
  8. Got a garden plot ~ 15’x10′ near my home. Maintaining it with Saumya (right now shes doing it alone).
  9. Helped Ankit in making rasgullas. He also tried to make jalebi – No I did not help in that, as was busy packing for google 🙁
  10. Drove a truck from San Diego to San Jose (had to transport my motorcycle)
  11. First weekend in Google, someone posted for a Backpacking trip to Big Sur (Skyes hot spring). I jumped in, so did 7 more people. No one knew anyone, but everyone just clicked!
  12. Bicycled across the golden gate bridge (Not that its an exclusive thing to do, many people do it, but it ended up to be an interesting trip when we underestimated the journey)
  13. Organized a random motorcycle trip . Was looking for some help to repair my bike. Ended up in organizing a 2 hour trip on Skyline Blvd.
  14. Trying hard to get to know the google infrastructure.

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