Panduz Party

One thing I am sure every chichora-indian-who-is-at-ucsd, read ‘pandu’, looks forward to is the ‘Panduz Party’. Such parties are usually the culmination of the frustration-boredom-monotonicity that a grad life inherently consists. These parties are meant to just let yourself loose, the desi way. The only word than can do justice to such a phenomena is ‘Bhasad’ – thats what panduz parties are.

Here I present to you a rare opportunity to witness such a party. This occasion happens to be the birthday of The Sinha – One of the most revered Panduz. Moreover Legendary Machhi was also benevolent to mark the occasion with his grace.

The Sinha

Karate ChopSinha on BhavjitMummyaree photo kya kheech rahe ho cake khaoWah Kya cake haiGangDekh mein cake kha raha hounPrabhuThe Sane GuyMera baap chor haiThe host’s roommateThe party ends

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