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My fascination for long random trips started with the most random trip on my life – Bike trip to Nanital. Six of us – D, Motu, Charsi, Sutti, Amit Singh, and I, started at 4 am in the morning from Kanpur on two bikes and a scooter hoping to reach Nanital, and for records we did. Tomorrow I am going to start for yet another trip – but this time the learning grounds would be different. I plan to go from Mountain View to San Diego via Death Valley,


My Route

Starting tomorrow afternoonish I will reach bakersfield in the night, there another friend of mine from San Diego will join me for the rest of the trip. Sat morning we will start for Death Valley, stopping at the Furnace Creek campsites, and Sunday back home. The total distance for me would be around 1000miles (1600kms).

Biking (motorcycling to be specific and biking here usually means cycling) in America is a lot different from what it is in India. Some things make it easier and others hard. For one the roads are much better here in America, so one usually rides much faster, averaging 50miles (80kmph) on highways and freeways. In India the figures are the same but the units are kms, so one usually averages 50kmph. A distance of 1600kms here is then equivalent to 1000kms in India. What makes it little more difficult in America is that you dont have help on the road, not even nearby on most highways, so if anything goes bad with the motorcycle you are all on your own. Moreover the speed makes it little more dangerous, as you know if you fall, you fall.

On the things that make it easier is information. One can pretty much pre-plan the trip in great detail (which I am not a very bit follower of), but if you get lost (assuming that you dont have a GPS, which again I am not a very bif fan of), you are on your own. In India, the chances of loosing your way is high as the roads are not well marked, but you can easily get back on track taking help of locals. Another difference worth mentioning is the bikes themselves. Here anything lower than 500cc is not even considered a proper bike, infact mostly people ride 650cc and above, which is almost 4 times the cc’s commonly used on Indian roads. Anyways, enough on comparison, and this without even doing a long trip here ;).

Wish us luck for the trip, hoping that the bike and body will support us all the way with gods grace.

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