“In this world anything is possible”, “You can become whatever you want to become”, “Dedication and hardwork can yield wonders” are some of the cliched statements we hear bazillion times that it looses its importance, seems pedantic and ultimately remains just a juxtaposition of some words.

Although proponents of this belief usually justify their claim based on real life examples of people achieving what they wanted to achieve, the disbelievers counteract by elucidating that for each success there in an improportionate number of people who failed even after trying, trying real hard.

I still think that everyone carries some such examples, some tasks which inspires them and they think that its inhuman to do it. A nice progression of one such example I really like in my life. Just try to be in different framework and you’ll enjoy the progression as I do.

6 years back if someone told me that he biked (all through the passage bike would mean bicycle) from Pitampura to India Gate (a distance of about 20kms), he would have been my example. 6 years back I had just entered the real life. All my examples were constrained by the small community I interacted with. But then Italy happened to me, and I myself did a 25km bicycle ride, 20km loosing its might. I still felt that a ride from Kanpur to Lucknow (a distance of 80kms) is a daunting task. Graced with some exposure of the real world, this was a suitable distance to cover, for someone I could quote. Then again we went for the kaza trip where we did about 150kms on hills, and Kanpur-Lucknow lost its charm.

I am not sure what would have been my next limit, but it seemed that another factor of 5 would have been suitable and a 1000km of bike ride seemed the right distance to set an example. This time well into the real world I was talking some distance. A distance I still feel is not possible for me, or atleast I would have to think hard to even consider it as an option. And when I was informed about a guy coming from Alaska to California (a modest distance of 3000km) by Diwaker, it remained my example for long, one reason being that I knew this guy by two degree of relation. I had no plans of changing my example by accomplishing this feat myself, that I read on national geographic about another inhuman who went all the way, this time from alaska to chile, god knows whats the milage of that trip (cant recollect the link. Sorry!).

Just today Dubey showed me this – Around the world using muscle power! In 13 years. Now we are talking world records. How about this as an example now? Too far fetched for real life examples eh! So get off your lazy beds and start riding!

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