Systematic Chaos.

Its been almost two years now. Two years away from the land of self realization, onto the   land of opportunities. Two years away from the land of fakirs and elephants, onto the land of materialism. Two years of constant critical evaluation of the two worlds. Constant comparison of the difference between the two giants. One where everything sprouts from order and system, other were chaos is all that works. Almost 21 years of living in “chaos”, and then two years of understanding the “systematic” ideology.  System, so efficient, that it gives life new possibilities. System, so rigid, that it sucks out all life from life. Chaos, so random, that life finds itself. Chaos, so frustrating, that it renders life powerless.

For the first time I step back and see chaos from a distance. And now it amazes me. And now it attracts me all the more. For the first time I consciously step in. And now it troubles me. And now I think of determinism.