Around the world.




That completes my around the world journey twice, once clockwise and once counter-clockwise :). I think not many people would have had this opportunity so I take a moment to feel blessed :P.

Having done this, an interesting observation also pops up in my mind. Consider a situation where someone is destined to live for just 10 days, where one day is defined as the time interval between two sunrises. Assuming that he is a kind of a person who loves life and wants to live more, is it possible that he can extend the number of hours of his life? In normal circumstances, he would live for 240 hours, that is a 24 hour normal day times ten. But he can extend his life by atleast another 240 hours, by spending all his life on a Boeing 747 flying westwards. Flying westwards slows the time, for example if I start in India at 6’o clock in the morning, I would reach San Diego at 6’o clock in the evening, that 12 hours according to sun, but on earth I have spend 24 hours. How about that?