29h Monument Valley [USA] [UTAH]

  • Date: Feb 13-14, 2009
  • Activity: Driving
  • Members: Himanshu Khatri, Ankit Srivastava and Nikhil Rasiwasia
  • Distance: 1504 miles
  • Average Speed: 64.9mph
  • Duration: 29 hours
  • Terrain: Coast, Mountains, Desert
  • Lodging: In Car.

Doing something different, something creative, something adventurous has always been our motto. Let not funny faces befool you about the seriousness of the trip. It was a pretty darn serious trip, excusing the actors. The idea was simple. We drive. Thats it. We had the car for a day, and we drive for a day, 29 hours to be precise. East was calling us. Our inital estimate was to do 60mph on average, ride for 29hours, and cover atleast 1200miles.

The 29h TripThe BeginningGas StopLightThe MorningWaiting for sunshineWaiting for sunshineThe Sun meets the Awesome ThreesomeLook backSunlight FinallySunlight FinallySunlight FinallyMovementBeholdNever BeforeThe Three SistersPeaceful, Pure, Picturesque with MoonStopIconic Monument ValleyThe Way BackPageThe BendPeaceful, Pure, Picturesque

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