Making a Collage using Photoshop Actions.

My sister completes her two months of married life. To mark this occasion she wanted to give jijaji a collage of photos from when they first met. Se sent me 25 photos in all, to make a good collage out of them. This is what I came up with.


As anyone with a minimal observation faculty would notice, making this or for that matter any collage, has a major repetitive component. Every image needs to be imported into a central file, resized, and pre-processed. In this particular case,  I wanted to give a border to each image and a 3-D effect with the shadows so that the photos pop up. The obvious solution is to use photoshop actions, but why reinvent the wheel. Luckily I found this action (Updated Link: page, software) online which was assembled to generate the same effect BUT it worked only on a single image and moreover divided that image into 25 parts. This is where my abilities got in :). To completely automate the process, the solution I came up with was – using photoshop contact sheet automation process (Automate II). This allowed me to create a single image out of many images. Just set some parameters and voila one has an image with 25 sub-images of equal size. Next the single image was feed to the action and it created a sub layer for each picture, added the borders, and gave it the 3-D popout effect. If one chooses, that could be an end it itself, but having all 25 images of the same size was not what I was interested in. Moreover some images were portrait orientation, that meant little more work. In the final ‘creative’ step of organizing the photos – a step where one could actually spend time on the real part rather than the mundane mechanical one, these photos were then arranges with a meaningful order.

6 thoughts on “Making a Collage using Photoshop Actions.

  1. Congratulations to the newly wed couple 🙂 I loved the picture on the bridge and your legendary closeups Babaji 😛 It is so different 🙂

  2. Which of the embedded modules did you use? The link above links me to their term of use, not the module you used.

    Btw, very nice work. I’m going to try to do one too!

  3. This looks fabulous!! I’d like to make a photo collage with some newborn photos of my son but haven’t done anything like that before. Do you know of a way to do something similar to this if I don’t have photoshop on my computer? I really like how the corners of the photos are turned up with the borders. Congrats again on a great project, your sister must be thrilled!

  4. Dear Friend
    I was looking up for a tutorial for making a collage.. Well could you please give me more help on how u made this.. a step by step.. i will be glad

  5. I would like to create collages like you show above. Is there a way I can download your action file to do this? I looked for a link, but only found the link to the action to break up one image.

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