Making Samosas

This was on my todo list for such a long time – making ‘good’ samosas! I mean given that good samosas are a common phenomena back in India, its surprising that not even a single store in America, yes not even a ‘single’ store, makes good samosa. The most common mistake they do is to fry them in over heated oil rendering the samosa surface full of blisters and scalds. Comeon! be little more kind to it, what harm have they done to you? If not that, then the crust is so thin, that you feel you are eating flakes filled with potatoes. And on the topic of potatoes, most of them even dont know how to make an edible filling for samosas. Some hash the potatoes, some fill it with diced ones, and yet some other add things like corn, carrots, beans etc. If anyone of you out there is reading this! please please please DONT add vegetable other than potatoes and peas! Thats all you have to do. And dont hash or dice the potatoes, try simple mashing with hand. Finally, please dont make samosas as if you are feeding the feeble heart! Add spices to it. Generously!. Enough of rant. Motivated by a really close friend of mine, it was the right opportunity, that being my roommates birthday, to put money where my mouth was. Yes we (Himanshu and me) made ‘good’ samosas this weekend. Its not that difficult after all. You just need to love making and eating samosas. I am sorry I cant let you taste for yourself, but you can definitely relish it visually.


Some new learning from the process too. First, not to make the dough from coarsely ground flour. It will lend the samosas a little granular taste and make it visually less appealing. Second, not to make the crust too thick either, as it spoils the holy balance between filling and crust. Other than that!Happy Samosas!

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