Getting to the roots: Making Bread

European style bread is one of the most commonly consumed food item however  among the most rare tobe made at home. There is a contrast though: Indian Bread (we prefer to call it Roti) is almost always made at home. So why the discrepancy? We try to find out. Our experiment – making  European  style bread at home and analyzing what might be the reason, people are averse to the process.

From an algorithmic point of view making bread is very simple.

  • Get some wheat flour, bakers yeast, salt, water and oil (we also used honey and milk)
  • Mix bakers yeast in some warm water. Add oil to it.
  • Use the mixture for kneading the wheat flour.  Ad some salt while kneading.
  • Leave the dough to rise for about 30 mins.
  • ‘Punch’ the dough, roll it in desired shape. Leave it to rise for another 30 mins.
  • Bake it. Eat it.

That is what we did. And guess what, the result was pretty awesome. Freshly baked bread in about two hours. These pictures might do some justice,

However, that one part of the story. Based on the above data it might seem easy to make bread at home, however there are some subtleties

  • We made two breads, one using bread flour brought from market which was enriched wheat flour, and other using a mixture of regular whole wheat and the enriched wheat (50-50). It turns out that the 50-50 mixture bread was a flop. Literally
  • It turn out, yeast is a tricky being to handle. A little cold or hot water and it does not turn on. Handle with care.
  • The time required to make a loaf of bread, is little unrewarding.
  • The cost of bread we made is more than what we can buy from the stores.
  • The bread had a little unpleasant smell of yeast.

In short, although quite a exhilarating experience to make and eat your own bread, the effort and costs involved are a deterrent.  Add to that the experience required to make a quality product, it seems reasonable to buy it from the stores. The world is somewhat sane.

Night Shoot at La Jolla

Taking inspiration from Arun, I finally ventured out just for the sake of photography at Torreypines Gliderport. Spent slightly over an hour there. Mild breeze blowing into the face. Rejuvenating moonlight shining atop. Sweet sound of, waves caressing the shores. An good hour spent.

Something about the night photography excites me. The fact that our eyes loose most of its color perception at night implies that any long exposure photo will be unlike our visual experience. The camera sees more that what eyes sees, and that is what adds the mystery element to the photograph. Thumbnailed below are few 30 second exposure at about 10 in the night. I was completely thrilled to see an amazing color play hidden from the eye. The interface between city and the ocean made possible the contrast of blue and yellow. Interesting that is also the colors of the UC system.
Satisfaction.Looking North.Torreypines GliderportSeparationInversion.Cloudy WavesWisps

The logical paradox of an illogical person.

The logical person wonders, why does the illogical person think illogically.

So he goes to an illogical person and asks him, “Sir, I wonder why do you think illogically?”

The illogical person replies, “I think illogically because it is illogical to think illogically”. “Ahh!” says the logical person. “But Sir, that is a perfectly logical premise”, he says. “I see a paradox here. The outcome of your thinking is illogical, but the premise behind your thinking is logical. So you are a logical person thinking illogically”. Perplexed, confused, baffled, the illogical person is in a fix. But then he says, “Thats illogical, aint it?” and smiles in peace.

The logical person is dumbfounded.

Can the logical person be helped here?

Updating Confusionart

So finally, after a long time I have been able to rediscovered the joy of blogging. There are both philosophical reasons and practical, this post will just try to highlight some of the practicalities that helped me to get back. Simply put its ‘WordPress‘ and ‘Diwaker‘ (although he still does not know it).

I was dormant on the blog (infact, did not do anything extra from the day of installation) because I wanted a couple of things. Mainly I was not sure how to handle different kinds of posts that I might have. One one hand there are regular text posts, on the other there are regular photoblog posts, in between there are documentary travel photoblog posts. To complicate the matters, I also wanted a place to showcase a portfolio. I was using wordpress just for text blogs, but now updating it to the latest version, I can use is as a complete content management system. To generate travelogue and portfolio, I now post them as regular posts, but under their respective categories. Then using template I can make separate index pages and design them however I want. So I guess, this will make my job lot easier. I also found this plugin for easily retrieving image thumbnails from pixelpost. Had to modify it to my needs, because I dont need latest or random images. I need images from a particular range. Anyhow, thanks to wordpress, I think I will  be able to live with this system for a while now.

The second help came from the Thematic Theme (Hat tip Diwaker). Using the template framework of Thematic and a modified frontend from EarlyMorning, I was able to generate the kind of look and feel I wanted. The best part is the decoupling of the backend and frontend of the theme, making it a lot easier to modify.

Whats, left is now to modify the pixelpost stylesheet to match it to the look and feel of the complete blog.

Ishan's Marriage

I am thankful to Ishan, to make me come out of my lassitude, and given me an opportunity to document his marriage ceremony. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of shooting at the marriage (although it was pita to edit and pp them). The idea of documenting moments of something so special is exhilarating. In fact I gave a couple of thought to seriously taking up being a pro-hobby-ist marriage photographer. Or any event that does not require design. I mean – I love the constrains involved. You are just present there to document what is, without interfering with the process. Plus, such events have small subtle moments which are usually missed. In this set, I have tried to bring about those moments. Hope you like it.

Ps: Let me start my pro-hobby-ist marriage photographer career here. I am interested to do some more marriage photo-shoots. If you are like the idea behind these pictures, and want to ‘hire’ me, mail me at to discuss further 🙂

Happy?PraySublte MomentKnottedTowards LightDont WorryI will followIn front of fireMarriageCreative Shot-3Wont leaveThe Holy RoundsWeCreative Shot-2Creative Shot-1FireAnother Lighter MomentThere exists GodNo Looking BackI dont existHeavenly SindhoorHoly TikaThe MediatorSome Lighter MomentsMy Favorite of the LotI am yoursI DoGarlandGarlandThe JoySome Shy MomentsWelcome IshanWelcome the Groom