Ishan's Marriage

I am thankful to Ishan, to make me come out of my lassitude, and given me an opportunity to document his marriage ceremony. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of shooting at the marriage (although it was pita to edit and pp them). The idea of documenting moments of something so special is exhilarating. In fact I gave a couple of thought to seriously taking up being a pro-hobby-ist marriage photographer. Or any event that does not require design. I mean – I love the constrains involved. You are just present there to document what is, without interfering with the process. Plus, such events have small subtle moments which are usually missed. In this set, I have tried to bring about those moments. Hope you like it.

Ps: Let me start my pro-hobby-ist marriage photographer career here. I am interested to do some more marriage photo-shoots. If you are like the idea behind these pictures, and want to ‘hire’ me, mail me at to discuss further 🙂

Happy?PraySublte MomentKnottedTowards LightDont WorryI will followIn front of fireMarriageCreative Shot-3Wont leaveThe Holy RoundsWeCreative Shot-2Creative Shot-1FireAnother Lighter MomentThere exists GodNo Looking BackI dont existHeavenly SindhoorHoly TikaThe MediatorSome Lighter MomentsMy Favorite of the LotI am yoursI DoGarlandGarlandThe JoySome Shy MomentsWelcome IshanWelcome the Groom

7 thoughts on “Ishan's Marriage

  1. after looking at my marriage pictures I realized the void there is for a *good* marriage photographer. Someone who can capture the moments as they’re happening and not ask people to pose all the time. Also someone who understands the nuances of lighting – the regular photographers use the flash like it’s a legal compliance issue!

    go for it!

  2. Yeah, I very much liked the idea behind the pictures. True to say that there are these subtle moments which we actually miss. Thanks to you for capturing these beautiful and promising moments.

    Not to mention, you are dearly welcome to my wedding to promote you pro-hobby-ist marriage photographer career! 🙂

  3. my eyes seem to drift into a world different from here…
    when beauty emerges like life with every ‘click ‘ …
    smitten n in love with each ‘shot’..
    ‘marriage’ photography as a career can definitely be given a thought…!! 😛 😛

  4. Bit late in replying, but thanks for the appreciation. Please let me know when your ‘rich’ friends are getting married 😛

    @mausi: Let me know when she gets married. Will be there :P.

    @dahiya: High ISO is not the key, its a constrain. I’d rather want to have low ISO. And definitely, the variety of color is a result of not spoiling it with flash.

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