The logical paradox of an illogical person.

The logical person wonders, why does the illogical person think illogically.

So he goes to an illogical person and asks him, “Sir, I wonder why do you think illogically?”

The illogical person replies, “I think illogically because it is illogical to think illogically”. “Ahh!” says the logical person. “But Sir, that is a perfectly logical premise”, he says. “I see a paradox here. The outcome of your thinking is illogical, but the premise behind your thinking is logical. So you are a logical person thinking illogically”. Perplexed, confused, baffled, the illogical person is in a fix. But then he says, “Thats illogical, aint it?” and smiles in peace.

The logical person is dumbfounded.

Can the logical person be helped here?

2 thoughts on “The logical paradox of an illogical person.

  1. Here :

    So. What according to you is logical might be illogical to another. Perspective are vast .. varied and unimaginably far out stretched. So I’d tell the logical person not to waste time pondering over the logicality of how an illogical person brews up/arrives at his/her illogical conclusions/ideas/thoughts/actions .. ’cause there isn’t any logical explanation attached here which might be good enough for you (or should I say ‘logical enough’)! You can still choose to go deeper into the logicality of this thought .. but it’ll only get deeper… and darker ..:p

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