A different point of view dedicated to My.

It had been my long desire to pull something at the Macro level that is satisfactory. One fine Saturday morning after watering the Poinsettia plant, a drop of water on one of its “leaves” caught my eye. The leaf being hydrophobic cause the water to buckle up as a drop (the first image). Got my camera, shot it using regular closeup photography. But then, the urge to do something more, made be bring out my lightly used tripod and almost never used reversing ring for reversing the camera for macro photography. Alas that water droplet was too big for macro shots, but I got a few nice ones, after that.  The steal was a small insect about 1mm wide. However, however hard I tried, the shots had a very shallow depth of field. One drawback of reversing the lens is that you can not control the aperture anymore. By default the aperture is in the widest open mode, and thus the reason for shallow DOF. Luckily people have had figured out a solution. Atleast for canon: first mount the lens normally, and set a desired aperture in the Av mode. Next press the DOF preview button and with that pressed, unmount the lens (should not be harmful as far as the urban legend goes, my camera and lens is still working). The aperture will remain in the setting that you did. One drawback is much less light coming in for focus, and thus you will need some torch or something to light the subject while focusing. Anyhow, after some trial and error with the matchstick and a cactus, finally got a hang of it. Following that are some more shots of the Poinsettia plant dedicated especially just to My (Its like the times dedication of the year to the common man ;).


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