Yesterday was convocation day at UCSD. I think when it comes to convocation for Phd degree, it means much more to the family and friends than to the recipient himself inspite of the fact that it is indeed a boring function to attend. Starting with a speech about how now one is ready to take on the real challenges of the world, each of the recipient walks on stage for 30 seconds to receive his honor from the academician who received their honor an era back. After five years of grad school it is seriously hard to get excited about convocation.

However, when put to thought convocation does seem to be an important junction in one’s life. If at all junctions have any importance is a different question all together. So, anyhow, Ankit was supposed to ‘walk’ in this convocation, and I had all plans of not going there. I could not make myself to use my two wasteful hours on convocation, but as I got up in the morning, I remembered he had once asked me in passing to take a picture. Put some solitude time with a camera in any boring event and it turns exciting. Below are a couple of shots from the ceremony.

From a technical standpoint, it was a difficult place to shoot pictures. To start with the stage was about a 100 feet away from the place you could take pictures, that meant one needs a telephoto lens (which Arun provided me graciously). The lighting was too poor, that meant one needs a really fast lens or a tripod. Given that people are moving, rules out tripod (but I guess it would still have been good to have it). Finally, given that there were two professional photographers on stage (although we were not allowed to get near to it) to capture the moment, it seemed futile to make any regular ‘moment’ shots. This is what I finally end up with for him.

A couple of more shots to mark the occasion.

Convocation 2ConvocationConvocation 3

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