Burrito Barber

Ok. Does having three happy clients entail one to publically disclose that he has started a business? Burrito Barber says Yes! Here I present to you,

A cut from the rest, to get your cut, the best!

Hair cut – scissors, knife, trimmer,  for a burrito.  Along with being a Burrito Barber, I am also a Taco Trimmer. Get trimmed, for a Taco.

And here is the signboard.

And now, the three happy clients! (Before-After 🙂

Himanshu KHATRI



*FREE* Before after photo for first 10 clients!!!

8 thoughts on “Burrito Barber

  1. if u r able to do something with my hair then u r a star Burrito Barber……………waiting for u to give a try……ready to pay!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It was a real honor to be the first customer.

    I mean, look at my before snap. Entangled and imprisoned in my own “locks”, one would think that things can only improve from there onwards. Not true!!!! Before this session, we watched a couple of hair cutting videos. In one of those 10 min videos, a dude was cutting his son’s hair. 2 mins in the video, a bubble popped “I should have really stopped here”. And he was not kidding! And… and he went on for another 8 mins. You know, people are never so atrocious, even to weeds in their backyard.

    Being a mendicant, I struck a deal of reciprocating the service and got to try my hands first. That video looked stupid, but believe me, human stupidity is infinite and is omnipresent. I started with the best of my intentions, but soon I felt as if I was happily munching chips on my couch and yelling how Tendulkar should play, and all of a sudden I am being ported at the crease in his stead.

    I sincerely begged babaji not to look at the mirror before cutting my hair. As my turn arrived, I sat on the chair and closed my eyes. Despite my snafu, being a true gentleman, babaji took on the job with utmost sincerity and professionalism. I could feel a bit of hesitation at the commencement. But, soon the crunching of scissors picked up a rhythm, and it turned into music to my ears. I slowly opened my eyes and I could see locks falling apart, unshackling my head. Light eventually fell upon my eyes after eons, and I could see the truth, and deep inside me, flooded with deep reverence, my heart cried “Jai babaji”!

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  4. Mister Karthick, thanks for looking at the photos so closely. Since you are my potential future client, I humbly accept your accusation but let me assure you that, that is just a manifestation of the process. I have to wet my clients hair before cutting. And at my saloon my clients like to relax – music on demand playing at the back, nice natural serene view, cool wind, cosy sunshine. So much so that my clients just want to sit and enjoy my magic on their hair for a long time. This leads to their hair drying up over time. I hope you accept the above argument with open mind, because that truth and nothing but the truth.

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