La Brouhaha Mexicana [3] : Begining Brouhaha

Chapter3: Beginning Brouhaha

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Tonight we had to cover a modest hundred miles to Ensenada. Between Ankit and me, we had close to eight Ensenada trips to boast about, nevertheless our fun began as soon as we entered Mexico. We missed the first exit to Ensenada. Not even five minutes in Mexico and our maps were out for directions. “I cant locate ourselves on the map”, I exclaimed. “The place where we are seems to be outside the boundaries of the map. Lets ask someone”. “Donde el viaje para Ensenada”, I asked a passerby. This literally meant, ‘Where the trip to Ensenada’ as I did not know the Spanish word for road, which I now know is ‘carretera’. However, he understood our needs, and guided us in his almost continuous Spanish sentences of which I just understood “a la derecha”, meaning “to the right”. This marked the first realization that we were in Mexico. Coupled with his hand signals and a word to depend on, it was amusing that we could still get on the right track – which actually involved staying on the right side of the road – without making any further mistakes.

Motel in El Sauzal

Poco Cielo was already on our plans as a dinner stop. Its almost halfway to Ensenada and its proximity to the beach gives it a perpetual soothing visual appeal. There we were greeted by our good friend Filipe, although for Filipe we were as good as a friend as ever other customer was. The views were good as ever, however the dinner in simple words was a disaster. Second realization, its not a good idea to try lasagna or exotic squids in a mexican resta urant. Since lasagna was a little more palatable, we split it and kindly gave the squid to the watchman outside Poco Cielo, who graciously accepted it with a smile. Moving on we reached El Sauzal, a small city just five miles north of Ensenada. I had looked up a youth hostel for fifteen dollars a night. A turn left, a right and another left, and we were standing in front of a locked door, only to be greeted by barking dogs. Looked like that hostel had gone out of business. Back on the main street, we found our stop for the night. For thirty dollars a night it seemed a raw deal. Wooden construciton, comfortable clean beds, well decorated walls, proximity to the beach, it was pleasing. It even had a television. Spending a night in a room with television and cable connection, has always been our idea of a vacation B-).

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