Hip Hop Dance Portfolio – Shikha Mishra.

This is the part two of the portfolio building for Shikha Mishra. Part1 covered her ballet dance performance here. This set covers her performing hip hop dance. Again this is a collection of 15 photos that I thought were good from photographers point of view. The setup is – single flash, umbrella  to soften the light,  canon 30D, tripod.

Hip Hop 3/15Hip Hop 2/15Hip Hop 6/15
Hip Hop 5/15Hip Hop 4/15Hip Hop 13/15
Hip Hop 12/15Hip Hop 10/15Hip Hop 1/15
Hip Hop 9/15Hip Hop 8/15Hip Hop 7/15
Hip Hop 15/15Hip Hop 14/15Hip Hop 11/15

Random day at the Beach.

Sikha and Shibin were having an informal get together at the beach. Was able to spend half an hour waking and shooting. Relaxing :). Met a fun group who were trying to make an Egyptian (check out the hand shape) sand art of a sporting kid.  Another group were trying out sliding on a board (anyone knows whats the name of this sport?) just at the junction of water and the beach. I guess the idea is to slide when there is a thin layer of water left after the waves are receding.

Beach 4/6Beach 5/6Beach 6/6
Beach 2/6 ;)Beach 3/6Beach 1/6