Back In San Diego

Been over two weeks, since I retruned to San Diego from Italy/India trip. A common question when one returns from anywhere is “How was it?” Althought most of the time a simple “t’was good” suffices, its zero information content makes me cringe. I’d rather not answer that question that to give a “it was good” brainless answer. But alas most of the times the question itself carries no interrogative kernel to beget an answer. Anyhow, “the trip was fulfilling” is what I have been using to signify a little more information. Yes, from the five trips to India in the last five years, this was the most fulfilling of them. Somehow even though was not able to spend enough time with everyone, it feels like it was qualitative time spend.

Along with social fulfilment, it was an fulfilling trip with respect to photography. I guess 24GB of raw images would be an indication of the amout of photographs taken. Although, a major chunk of the photos are from three marriages, and my 8 month old nephew, there are some others that are photographs for its own sake. Have been able to process, but before I start posting them, a handful pictures of San Diego. To my utmost satisfaction, it was been raining incessantly past week.

BeachBeach 2Rain 1
Rain 2Rain 3Rain 4
Rain Window 1Rain window 2Rain window 3

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