North Algodones Wilderness, California

Thanks to Arun I went on my first official photography trip. Until now all my trips had a motive different from photography. Photographs were just used as a medium to document the trip/event.  Not so for North Algodones Wilderness. We started late morning — a three hour drive, an hour lunch, an hour walk — and we reached little before sunset. I decided to sleep in the open, which allowed me to use the time before sunset for photography. Got a couple of keepers. Woke up early morning before sunrise and got another set of keepers. Am happy 🙂

Desert 12/12Desert 11/12
Desert 10/12Desert 9/12
Desert 8/12Desert 7/12
Desert 6/12Desert 5/12
Desert 4/12Desert 3/12
Desert 2/12Desert 1/12

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