White Christmas in Eastern Sierra

Some pictures from Christmas trip near Mammoth. The idea of this trip was simple – do nothing. We – Ankit, Himanshu and me, almost managed to achieve it. The high point of the trip will be posted in the next blog :). Till then some landscape pictures.

Mammoth 1/10Mammoth 2/10
Mammoth 3/10Mammoth 4/10
Mammoth  5/10Mammoth 6/10
Mammoth 7/10Mammoth 8/10
Mammoth 9/10Mammoth 10/10

One thought on “White Christmas in Eastern Sierra

  1. Hello Nikhil,
    I came across your site through Neha Shukla. I am a photography enthusiast. I just got a Nikon D7000 and was wondering if u can give me some advice. I have a Nikkor 18mm-105 mm lense F 5.4 … I wanted to know what lense do u use? U have an good focal lenght as well lower F stops. I want to buy another lense… which can help me experiement better. Please advice. Hope I am not troubling u.


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