"Death" Valley

Late in the night, when milky way is at its full might, we roam. We roam the valley of death, the Death Valley. Death being painted by the light, bright light. Light which has a bitter sweet relationship with the night, especially late in the night. Late in the night, in the backdrop of milky way’s light.

Death Valley

Independence Day – July 4th – Fireworks.

Just as I was about to post some pictures of fireworks for this years Independence Day celebrations, went down the memory lane thinking what was I doing on July 4th in the years gone by. Except for one year, I clearly remember what I was doing on July 4th evening:

  • 2006 – La Jolla Cove, San Diego – Had my Nikon FM 10 without any tripod. Had gone there with Diwaker, Himanshu and others.
  • 2007 – Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco – Had gone there with Bhavjit. Did not get a good enough spot to take photos. Too crowded.
  • 2008 – Valdez, Alaska – Had just completed my bicycle trip, took some photos of the fireworks.
  • 2009 – Mountain View – I dont remember going for any fireworks show, not even sure what was I upto.
  • 2010 – Harbor Island, San Diego – Had my manfrotto tripod, but Harbour Island was not the ideal spot to take photos of fireworks in the backdrop of downtown. Had gone there with Ankit, Himanshu and Rathina.
  • 2011 – Coronado, San Diego – Went there with Ankit. In my opinion this was the best spot for fireworks. I let the photos fill in the rest of the words.

This might also be my last July 4th Fireworks show in America :).

Fireworks 12/1511/15
Fireworks 10/15Fireworks 9/15
Fireworks 8/15Fireworks 7/15
Fireworks 6/15Fireworks 5/15
Fireworks 4/15Fireworks 3/15
Fireworks 2/15Fireworks 1/15
Fireworks 14/15Fireworks 13/15