"Death" Valley

Late in the night, when milky way is at its full might, we roam. We roam the valley of death, the Death Valley. Death being painted by the light, bright light. Light which has a bitter sweet relationship with the night, especially late in the night. Late in the night, in the backdrop of milky way’s light.

Death Valley

4 thoughts on “"Death" Valley

  1. The picture brings out an ironic theme… the blackness of the “Death” valley in the foreground, and the stardust of the milky way—the very ingredients for life in the background in all its sparkling glory…

    I am impressed by how well the milky way appears on this photo!

  2. …to add to that poetic locution — its only when the darkness of light due cause by humans is done away with, that the brightness of the very ingredients for life shines through. 😉

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