Photography Workshop at Chhavi

Its been over 6years now (before starting writing this post I had 4-5 years in mind, but a quick check puts its at 6) — that I started taking photography seriously, or should I say I started taking serious photographs. I bought my first camera, Nikon FM 10, in Dec 2005. It served me good to take the first steps into photography. The next camera Canon 30D is closing in on its fifth birthday. It was bought in May 2007. Over these six years, I have been taking photos, although not very regularly but regularly enough to get a good grasp on the basic techniques, a good command over basics of aesthetics and an confidence that I can teach these fundamental to whoever who is willing to learn. Yes, I am ready to teach the basics of photography. I along with Priyanka (art teacher at Chaavi) am going conduct a workshop on photography. Here are some details:

Workshop Page:

Workshop Details: The aim of the course is to introduce Digital Photography right from the basics with lessons on

1) Composition – Photography as an art – Understanding Light – Camera Angles, Rule of Thirds, Framing – Abstract photography

2) Basics of Exposure – Shutter speed – Aperture – ISO

3) Camera Operation – Understanding camera modes – Focus, Focal Length – White Balance, Depth of Field

4) Post Production – Contrast, crop, color correction

5) Group II will also learn – SLR operations in detail – HDR, Panning

Age: Group I: 10-16yrs, Group II: 17+

Classes starting: Group II: 10th March, 2012, Group I: 7th April, 2012

Time: 2-5 pm, Saturday, 10-1pm, Sunday, total 5 classes (3 saturdays and 2 sundays)

Fees: Rs 2,000

Priyanka (9901256222)
Nikhil (9845778738)

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