Bannerghatta National Park, Karnataka

A short pleasant trip to Bannerghatta National Park

I am not a very big wild life photography person, or so I think. But Bannerghatta was a pleasant experience. About 40 kms from my home (near IndiraNagar), its a perfect day trip (prefer the elevated toll road and another toll road instead of the Bannerghatta Roa if you are going from Kormangala/Indiranagar area). Bannerghatta National Park is basically divided into three parts – The Safari, The Zoo and The Butterfly House. It costs about Rs 235 to visit all three and in my opinion all three are nice. I have not seen many animal safaris / zoos but honestly having seen some (both in India and US) I never had high opinion of them. Either the animals are in cages, creating a not so nice feel watching them, or are so far away that you are not even sure if its there. The Safari at Bannerghatta was a good balance between the two. The animals here were kept in huge enclosed compartments, and the caged bus takes us inside them to see the animals in their almost natural habitats and upclose. Yes, the cages on the bus windows were a let down, but I was offered  the staff seat right at the very front near the driver which helped to have a better view (I guess the SLR camera made the difference, had to give a baksheesh of Rs. 50, felt little uncomfortable but…). So I think I can say this was my first experience photography only animals. I am happy with the outcome, given that all the animal shots are taken from inside the caged bus.

ps: Checkout the butterfly in the tiger images 🙂

Distance: 80 kms
Time: 11/6/2012 11am – 6pm
Driving Time: 2hours
With: Shreyas, Yashi, Sarita Mausi, Mom

An interesting (scary?) anecdote: So while I was sitting at the front seat I had the pleasure of the company of my two  year old nephew, Shreyas Todi. He was sitting on my lap looking at the animals and looking at me looking at the animals and then looking at me looking at the animals through the camera and taking a shot. Now we both are looking at the tiger, both of us with our naked eyes, and he says ‘Kheecho (take a pic)’. I tell him, ‘Udhar Dekho, tiger (look there, tiger). He again tells me ‘Nahi, isme dikhao (No show me on the camera)’. I was  kind of baffled. Here is a kid, two years old and he believes more in taking photographs. After taking the shot and showing it to him on the camera he says, ‘Acha hai, nice, very nice (Good one, acha, bahut acha)’. He is just two.


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