A New Beginning.

The first post on this blog happened on 10th July 2007! Already over six years old. Naturally, as it goes for everyone, a lot happens in six years. For one, I am 30 now, not 24. But less importantly Textdrive, my previous host for the website, has become non-responsive now. Infact, they moved my website to a different server and for some reason, they know best, decided to move only a part of my website. Fortunately, this was caught in time and I was able to make a backup. Unfortunately some of the photos were lost in the process and you might see broken photo links in some posts. I apologize for that, but what has happened, well, has happened. For now, I am moving to DreamHost, and hopefully the relationship will go on for ever.

With the move, I have done some changes to the website.

  • The Theme: Is now minimalistic, flat and responsive. Have been wanting to have such a look for a long time and now am happy with the overall look.
  • The Photoblog: Is gone! Although I will keep a hidden backup, but no longer I have been posting to pixelpost so it is not required anymore. All my photos will be hosted on Flickr from now on.
  • New About Page: http://www.confusionart.com/about 🙂


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