Living on the top floor of our building, we have a tacit privilege of owning the terrace. Although my favorite time to visit it is in the night when the vulgur sun sleeps to let the winkling stars take charge and scintillate a journey into ‘romance of mystery’ – especially so when there is a power cut, when the Milky Way herself leads the path,  early mornings are not any less inviting. Yielding its own powerful show – ‘gratification of life’,  the tranquility of the early mornings are as hypnotizing as the upheavals of the late nights, if not more.

Early on several residents visit the terrace – some to start the day saluting the rising sun, some to soak as much of pure air as possible, knowing not much is in store later in the day and some others to see Life fluttering with life feeding the several pigeons,  sparrows, crows, and squirrels some rice, wheat, millets and other delicacies. Still others visit just to observe this whole show. One day, inspired from this picture I decided to make my camera a spectator of the show. Below are selected pictures from that experience.

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