Zion-Page-Monument: Other and single image HDR shots.

Some other pictures from the Zion-Page-Monument Trip.

  • HDR Shots

HDR Monumnet Valley 2HDR Monumnet Valley
HDR Colorado River

  • Other Shots

Horseshoe Bend Concept ShotMonument Valley Concept Shot
Monument ValleyMonument Valley sunrise
AcrobaticsZion Snake Path
Antelope Marina Concept Shot

<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1075'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3583.jpg' alt='Slot Canyon 1/9' title='Slot Canyon 1/9' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1074'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3582.jpg' alt='Slot Canyon 2/9' title='Slot Canyon 2/9' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1073'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3594.jpg' alt='Slot Canyon 3/9' title='Slot Canyon 3/9' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1072'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3589.jpg' alt='Slot Canyon 4/9' title='Slot Canyon 4/9' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1071'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3650.jpg' alt='Slot Canyon 5/9' title='Slot Canyon 5/9' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1070'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3613.jpg' alt='Slot Canyon 6/9' title='Slot Canyon 6/9' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1069'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3596.jpg' alt='Slot Canyon 7/9' title='Slot Canyon 7/9' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1068'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3608.jpg' alt='Slot Canyon 8/9' title='Slot Canyon 8/9' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1067'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3666.jpg' alt='Slot Canyon 9/9' title='Slot Canyon 9/9' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1066'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3981_b_fused-hdrstitch.jpg' alt='HDR Monumnet Valley 2' title='HDR Monumnet Valley 2' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1065'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3958_9_fused-hdrstitch.jpg' alt='HDR Monumnet Valley' title='HDR Monumnet Valley' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1064'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3687_b_c_fused-hdrstitch.jpg' alt='HDR Colorado River' title='HDR Colorado River' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1063'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3784.jpg' alt='Antelope Marina Concept Shot' title='Antelope Marina Concept Shot' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1062'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3827.jpg' alt='Horseshoe Bend Concept Shot' title='Horseshoe Bend Concept Shot' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1061'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3870.jpg' alt='Monument Valley' title='Monument Valley' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1060'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3900.jpg' alt='Monument Valley Concept Shot' title='Monument Valley Concept Shot' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1059'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3939.jpg' alt='Monument Valley sunrise' title='Monument Valley sunrise' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1058'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3511.jpg' alt='Acrobatics' title='Acrobatics' width='250' height='' /></a>
<a href='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=1057'><img src='http://confusionart.com/photoblog/imagesets/2011-03-page/img_3373.jpg' alt='Zion Snake Path' title='Zion Snake Path' width='250' height='' /></a>

Panoramas – Zion, Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend

Some panoramas from the recent trip to Zion, Page – Lake Powell, Page – Horseshoe Bend.

(7 image HDR composite, ~130° horizontal field of view)

(9 image HDR composite,  ~165° horizontal field of viewx)

(10 image HDR composite, ~140° horizontal field of view)

(4 image composite, ~170° horizontal field of view)

North Algodones Wilderness, California

Thanks to Arun I went on my first official photography trip. Until now all my trips had a motive different from photography. Photographs were just used as a medium to document the trip/event.  Not so for North Algodones Wilderness. We started late morning — a three hour drive, an hour lunch, an hour walk — and we reached little before sunset. I decided to sleep in the open, which allowed me to use the time before sunset for photography. Got a couple of keepers. Woke up early morning before sunrise and got another set of keepers. Am happy 🙂

Desert 12/12Desert 11/12
Desert 10/12Desert 9/12
Desert 8/12Desert 7/12
Desert 6/12Desert 5/12
Desert 4/12Desert 3/12
Desert 2/12Desert 1/12

Landscape Panorama

Imagine a wide valley. Mountains on all the sides. Now throw some snow on top of the mountains. How about some more. Make it all white. Now keep painting the complete valley white with snow. Yes, anywhere you see, you see snow….soak in this environment for a moment. When your breath has calmed down, imagine a tiny stream flowing through this valley. Tiny enough that you can not see it from a few meters. But what you see is water vapor rising from the stream. Yes, make that water hot. Hot enough that you can not have a bath in it. But, now build a small stone enclosure near this stream and direct some hot water in this enclosure. The outside temperature is so cold that any water which stays in this enclosure becomes warm. Warm enough to have a bath. Did you imagine something like this? 🙂

Khatri Bhai, Ankit and our “Oh Yeah” friend in the hot spring.

Some more Panorama shots from the trip

Tufa formations near Lee Vining.

Convict Lake

Out motel in Lee Vining

Sunset in Bishop