Random day at the Beach.

Sikha and Shibin were having an informal get together at the beach. Was able to spend half an hour waking and shooting. Relaxing :). Met a fun group who were trying to make an Egyptian (check out the hand shape) sand art of a sporting kid.  Another group were trying out sliding on a board (anyone knows whats the name of this sport?) just at the junction of water and the beach. I guess the idea is to slide when there is a thin layer of water left after the waves are receding.

Beach 4/6Beach 5/6Beach 6/6
Beach 2/6 ;)Beach 3/6Beach 1/6

Boulderdash 2010 UCSD OCC

Last Tuesday, on 18th May Outback Climbing Center (OCC) had their 2nd Annual BoulderDash Competition. Unfortunately I was not feeling up to the mark to take part in the competition but fortunately that allowed me to focus on documenting it. Below is a selected set of 20 of my favorite photos from the competition. The complete set of 95 photos is available here

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