A begninner photographer tying to find the meaning and significance of photography in out daily lives, and in the process trying to better understand who I am. Although I was interested in photography from my undergraduate days, I actually started it in Fall of 2005 when I bought my first SLR - Nikon FM10. Taking a basic darkroom course in black and white photography was my first exposure to the process of classical photography and was instrumental in developing an eye for details. A major shift in my attitude towards potography came in early 2007, during another course on Photographic Strategies at UCSD. They no longer were a pigmented piece of paper to be hung upon walls for people to apperciate it, instead I began to see it as an medium of expression, as a quasi-extension of ones personality. I am still struggling to find what is it that attracts me to shoot pictures and present them to you to look at the world from my view point.

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A graduate student at University of California, San Diego doing research in Computer Vision. Earlier I graduated from Indian Institue of Technology, Kanpur in 2005 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Contact: nikhil.rasiwasia at

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