A week of bicycling in Alaska

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Fortune favors the brave

The weather almost favorable for the trip, I almost decided to do it all the way till Paxson.

Nature factor

The views also began to clear up. This was a wow moment for me. Snow clad mountains on the backdrop of Nenana river.

First major uphill

The first major uphill of the trip. I enjoyed it. What was more enjoyable were the occasional cars that approached me, some even stopped to say hello. They were from everywhere - Spain, Germany, France, New Zealand etc.

First official Denali Highway Viewpoint

Although I did not think of it as much of a viewpoint

Tired = Photography

Whenever I got tired of riding, spend some time trying photography

Heroic Shot

Another one of the Parent Shot. The weather actually started to concern me at this point.


This is what I call a true reward. Alaskan Ranges rising majestically. Its sunny out there. However, it does not look good on the nearby left side mountains.

Seeing nature upclose

My only companion on this trip was Nature. And I did get a chance to see it up close. These were the best times nature revealed itself. I could literally see the rainfall from a distance. The falling clouds in the center of the image is actually rainfall pouring down. This phenomena of selective rainfall accompanied me all throughout the Denali Highway. At times I was able to see that I am going inside a rainfall.

Due Importance

BTW, I had a second companion on the trip. My bicycle. Making sure that it sees stardom by the end of the trip.

Rain - Cloudy - Sunny

Another one of those exceptional nature gameplay. The dark falling clouds on the bottom left - rain; the white diagonal band - simple clouds; the top right blue sky - sunny