A week of bicycling in Alaska

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Glennallen with Mt. Drum

Fastforward 50 miles. After trying for over an hour, and riding for over 20 miles, I was able to get a ride in a Hummer. Jim and his wife were gracious enough to help me, although they were short of space. Coming from Tuscon (Arizona), a couple in their 50's were touring Alaska in their Hummer, and were planning to ride it all the way back to Arizona - a distance of about 4000 miles.

Mt Drum and Mt Sanford

The benefit of bicycling - wherever you find a good viewpoint you can stop and take pictures. This was on a sloping road without any turnouts, so cars woudnt stop at this magnificent viewpoint.

The Wrangell Mountains

From the Left - Mt Sanford (16,237 feet), Mt Drum (12,010 feet), Mt Wrangell (14,163 feet) and Mt Blackburn (16,390 feet).

No words for the title

Wispy cirrus clouds, majestic Wrangell mountains, my noble steed, and colourful nature. I fall short of words to give it an apt title.

End of Day 5

Note: The best way to see the Alaska Travelogue is by going to this link - http://confusionart.com/photoblog/alaska
Another 25 more miles of riding, pushing the total for the day to 45 miles, with total distance covered to 95 miles, I reached Willow Creek still a good 95 miles from my destination with two days in hand. The night was spend besides the road on a turnout.

Gap in Day 6

A distance of 95 miles in two days, although not impossible, was surely not enjoyable. The toughest climb of the trip was still ahead of me - The notorious Thompson Pass. I was in double minds - to push the limits and complete all of it on bicycle or it was enough of pushing the limits already and to easy out a bit. Stretched, I decided to give the first one a shot, but it was grueling to the point that I had to almost walk my bike. The winds also turned against me. I was just thinking about falling back on the second option, that a car passed by and stopped in front of me. Anthony stepped out and asked if I needed help. It was like god send help which I could not refuse. He was in fact an aspirant circus performer, working towards his degree in dramatics. He reduced my biking distance by another 30 miles.

The most beautiful 5 miles

Anthony dropped me at Ptarmigan. The next five miles were the most beautiful five miles of the trip. Green mountains everywhere, with a touch of snow on top. Tsina river flowing along the road in a calm hush voice. Sweet sounding birds chirping intermittently. Complete solitude in natures lap.


The feeling is inexplicable when you see nature taking its time to paint out a perfect landscape.

Taking it slow

Making sure I inhale the beauty of the moment.


This place was so calm, so serene that I was afraid. It was the most weird experience. Neither was I afraid of the wild animals, nor of other fellow human-being. I was afraid of the calmness. Thats what city life probably does to you. You are so accustomed to having voices around you that a moment of complete silence scares you.