A week of bicycling in Alaska

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Approaching Climax

Inching forward. A step at a time. Absorbing every moment.

I am still there

I had to be in this shot!

Beauty Everywhere

Most of the viewpoint have a directional beauty. One usually looks in a particular direction for the wow feeling, but this place was different. Everywhere you see, there was a wow expression.

The Climax - Worthington Glacier

Even looking at this shot sends vibrations inside me. Grandeur personified.

My impressions

Making the moment mine.

Full of life

Flowers blossom even near a glacier.

My home for the night

There was a campsite 5 miles ahead. I could have pushed myself to the campsite, but enchanted by Worthington Glacier, I decided to sleep at its feet.

Dinner time

Time for some hot meal to end one of the most beautiful day of my life.

Day 7 begins

Start of another beautiful sunny day.

Alto cumulus Clouds

Small alto cumulus clouds giving a texture to the sky matched only by the irregular snow on the mountains.