A week of bicycling in Alaska

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Nearing Thompson Pass

Just 26 miles to the destination, anxiety starts to creep in.

Standing knightly

Riding almost amidst snow, reaching Thompson Pass.

Another classic shot

By now you might have realized the overuse of b/w shots. The reason is sun. Its almost midday and the sun is shining bright overhead, making colors look dull and uninteresting. Grayscale capturing the beauty of the scene efficiently.

Thompson Pass

A mental barrier broken. Everyone told me it would be tough to to Thompson pass. But it was nothing compared the earlier experiences. From here it was mostly downhill for the next 11 miles and then flat straight road for another 15.

Entering Keystone Canyon

The Lowe river cuts a magnificent canyon in the mountains. A view of a frozen waterfall just before entering the canyon.

Frozen fall upclose

I had never seen such a thing before. Green mountains surrounding a frozen waterfall.

Some History

Valdez (my destination) was the only port of entry to the interior of Alaska. Several battles were fought to keep hold of Valdez.
The text reads - The "Iron Train" by Rex Beach describes these events and this area. This tunnel was handcut into the solid rock of Keystone Canyon and is all that is left of the "railroad era" when nine companies fought to take advantage of the short route from the coast to the copper country. However a feud interrupted progress. A gun battle was fought and the tunnel was never finished.

Bridal Veil Falls

The canyon is filled with numerous waterfalls, most majestic of them being the Bridal Veil Falls.

Another water fall

Another one of the Keystone canyon waterfalls

Official ending of the Biking

This photo marks the official ending of the bike route. Interestingly the milestone actually starts from the old town of Valdez which was destroyed in a 9.2 scale earthquake in 1964. The new town of Valdez was another 4 miles. Notice the chicken crossing sign.