A week of bicycling in Alaska

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In Valdez

Finally after all the `interesting' experiences I reached Valdez at about 3 in the afternoon. Totally exhausted, devoid of bath, I decided to stay at a lodge. The most expensive cheapest lodging that I paid for in my life. Booked by ferry ride to Whittier for the next day, I had ample time to explore Valdez. The next few shots will show you the city of Valdez upclose.

July 4th Preparation

Coincidently, I reached Valdez on 4th of July, which puts all of Valdez into the festive gear. Fireworks being meticulously laid out for the night.


Alaska is famous for its fresh fish industry. A Halibut being processed for consumption.

Valdez - the port town

With a population of 4000, Valdez has seen lots of ups and downs in history. Another infamous incident is the oil spill of 1989, when the tanker Exxon Valdez stuck Bligh reef, approximately 25 miles outside of Valdez causing the largest spill in North American history.

Happy 4th of July

The fireworks started at 11:00 at night, or rather at twilight.


The persence of light making it an interesting shot.

Celebrating Independence

I believe all of Valdez came to see the fireworks. Most them from near Ruth Pond, where a huge bonfire was burning to ease the chill. Children enjoying smores.

View from Valdez

Its an amazing feeling to see everything clearly even at midnight.

The last crackers

A lucky shot capturing one of the last cracker of the day. So I retire, a life time experience coming to an end. One more day and I would be back on flight, heading towards San Diego.

Day 8 begins: Ferry Loading

Loading my bicycle on the ferry. I now realize that I dont have a single good picture of the Ferry. The last day was a bad start as far as the weather was concerned. An overcast sky with light drizzle. But thats not a complain, after three sunny days in a row.