A week of bicycling in Alaska

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Near Columbia glacier. The temperature dropped about 10 degrees. Cold winds making it almost impossible to stand stay out in open. However, got this shot. Check out the eerie mountains at the back. Also seen are sever small pieces of icebergs.

Iceberg! Right Ahead!

Alas it was too small to raise any eyebrows.

God bless America

After all, Alaska is a part of America.


6 hours on the ferry and I reach Whittier. An even smaller town with about 20 shops in all. The next 4 hours spent were the laziest 4 hours of the trip. Ample time before I take a train back to Anchorage, I just lazed around in the sun, seeing the weather clear out.

A satisfying ending

Relaxing on the shores of Whittier

Posing ;)

Trying different poses, uniting with my bicycle.

Another pose

All this for the people who want to see me in the picture (just an excuse for the various similar shots, I was not able to chose the best among them ;).

Final Pose

Almost the end.

The mighty one

No I am not referring to the massive vessel on the backdrop, I am talking about my bicycle giving a respectable challenge to the ship.

BTW I rented my bicycle from Downtown Bike Rentals

Note: Note: The best way to see the Alaska Travelogue is by going to this link - http://confusionart.com/photoblog/alaska

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