Anusha 9Anusha 8Anusha 7Anusha 5Anusha 3Anusha 1Back Home in San DiegoAt a coffee shop in TijuanaWaiting for sunshineRashmi Smiles AgainRashmi Yearning EyesRashmi Always smilingI can do itLaughing the heart outAdult yet childlikeSerene DeterminationUnder Gods GraceI want funMischievous DadaPhotogenic BhatelePiercing Eyes.Warmth.EaseJocund Jim.AlenaJames at base camp of Mt Shasta.When will They understandBold Shyness.I am the worldThe joy.Hanging act.I want to break freeCandid LaughThe face of satisfaction.The face of entrepreneurshipBashed up at birthday bashHaan haan dekh lo mein cake chura ke kha raha houn.Picture PerfectWhat if I am mohawked, I have a dreamAaye haye dev ananad.jpg